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Most influential riders of the 00´s


Kuva 2

in the Onboard issue #115 they had listed 10 most influential riders of the years 2000 to 2010. i was so happy to make it into that list with shaun white, jussi oksanen, romain de marchi, jp walker, nicolas muller, gigi ruf, david benedek, jeremy jones & travis rice! Thanks Onboard, really appreciate it!!


  1. Thats a pretty heavy list. Maybe I would put Sorsa or Walsh instead of DeMarchi but otherwise its pretty on point.

  2. thats awesome eero! congrats!

  3. oonnee!!! ja sorsan pitäis olla siel

  4. I have the magazine at home and the story is very well. congratulations on being one of the most influential snowboarder 2000 to 2010.

  5. Pathetic that Devun Walsh is not mentioned!

  6. Good stuff eero, but I think heikki sorsa needs to be on that list. He just rides with tons of style.

  7. i totally agree! Heikki would have deserved a spot in there!! he has done so much for the sport!


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